Miss J. – Badass Boss

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my boss, Miss J. Yes, you heard me correctly. This seemingly tough-as-nails chick (it’s all a front – she’s actually got a huge heart), seen here in her skivvies, is the very same woman who started the very successful boudoir photography company that I now proudly work for.

So, why did I recently photograph my boss in her underwear, you may be wondering? Well, about a month ago I received a text from Miss J. as I was getting ready for work that said something like, “I may have you shoot me today since we’re not busy. It’s my wedding anniversary, and I want to give my husband some sexy pics!” I immediately replied by asking, “Can I shoot you with my film camera, too?!?!?!” I was almost beside myself with excitement when she agreed!

I wanted to do a very low-light shoot with Miss J. because I thought it would best compliment her naturally edgy vibe. I also wanted to work on the things I’d learned from my previous film session with Miss A., which was the need to improve my manual focusing skills, as well as work on improving my exposures for backlit shots.

Once again, I shot this session with my Canon EF 35mm camera, and I opted for a roll of Fuji Superia400 film. I was actually VERY pleased with the results! Not only did I have a larger number of images turn out in good focus (not perfect focus, mind you…but better), but I also NAILED the exposures on the backlit images of Miss J. smoking! I really, really love how this session turned out for more than just technical reasons, though. These photos ARE Miss J. Trust me. 100%.

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