Miss S. – On the Air

Miss S. is a local radio DJ who has been promoting our boudoir studio on the air since late last year. She had her first boudoir session at our main studio around the end of 2018. I knew that Miss S. was going to come back in February for a second session at our other studio location (that’s right, we have two studios, because we’re ballers like that), so I asked my boss if I could shoot some photos with my Canon EF 35mm film camera while she shot the digital images of Miss S., and my boss agreed!

Let me just say that Miss S. is a film photographer’s dream to shoot because she has such a classic, naturally vintage look and style. As soon as she saw the Canon EF camera in my hand, she exclaimed, “Oooh! Are you shooting FILM?!?” The fact that she got excited over my film camera made my day!

My main objective with this shoot was, once again, to improve my manual focusing skills. (The struggle is real for a photographer with astigmatism, you guys.) Specifically, I wanted to increase the speed at which I manually focused each shot. During my previous two boudoir film sessions, I spent a LOT of time making sure each shot was in focus. And yet, I still had a lot of out-of-focus images turn out from each roll. So, I was just curious to see what my out-of-focus to focused ratio would be like on a roll of film where I wasn’t so meticulous and just kind of trusted my focusing instincts, so to speak.

Oh, and I guess I should mention that I was basically second-shooting during this boudoir shoot. My boss posed Miss S. and shot her “real” photos digitally, while I simply took photos of Miss S. in those same poses, but on film and from alternate angles. I’m very happy to report that the majority of images I shot during this session were in focus, though, so yay! Mission Accomplished!

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